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Poster Session I OLD

Bubbles, Drops, Interfaces



Agata Wiertel-Pochopien, Poland Bubble with different initial adsorption coverage and kinetics of its attachment to solid surface
Alain Cagna, France Two drops tensiometer using drops with and without apex: Mass transfer between drops; Surfactant desorption in a liquid bridge
Andrew Edwards, United Kingdom

Liquid-in-Liquid dewetting dynamics

Anika Alexandrova, Bulgaria

Influence of the microrheological properties of erythrocyte suspensions on the adhesion of leukocytes in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus using flow microchamber

Anna Trybala, United Kingdom Wetting/Spreading of surfactants on porous media

Boyao Wen, China

Adsorption behaviors of graphene oxides at the oil-water interface
Filipe Signorelli, Brazil Interfacial free Gibbs energy as the driving force for heterogeneous nucleation
Georgi Hadjichristov, Bulgaria Cyclic voltammetry for sensing the surface of Langmuir-Blodgett nano-thin monolayers of phospholipids
Hernán Barrio-Zhang, United Kingdom Contact line dynamics and hysteresis measurements on SOCAL surfaces
Houda Bey, France Effect of shear flow on the thickness of high molar mass polymer adsorbed on solid surface
Hristina Petkova, Bulgaria Physicochemical behavior of hydrophobically and fluorescently modified poly (acrylic acids ) at air/water interface
Juan Carlos Fernandez-Toledano, Belgium MD simulations of sliding nano-droplets
Kazimiera A. Wilk, Piotr Warszynski, Poland Surface activity and lime soap dispersing ability of new sulfoamidebetaine-type amphoteric surfactants
Libero Liggieri, Italy Effect of temperature on the dynamic properties of mixed cationic/nonionic adsorbed layers: Measurements on drops under low-gravity conditions
Libero Liggieri, Italy The surface dilational viscoelasticity of a curved oil-water interface with two surfactants soluble in both the oil and water phase
Marcel Krzan, Poland Bubble rising velocities as a surface-activity indicator in photo-switchable surfactant solutions
Pavlina Basarova, Czech Republic ingle rising bubble – level set and VOF comparison
Sagdat Tazhibayeva, Kazakhstan Effect of Cr3+ ions on the ξ-potential of algae Chlorella vulgaris cells
Sandra Orvalho, Czech Republic Coalescence of bubbles in surfactant solutions
Takuya Fujima, Japan The mechanism of blurring fingerprint on Hierarchical Nano-porous Layer glass
Takuya Fujima, Japan Superhydrophilic layer formation on a glaze for anti-fouling tile
Takuya Fujima, Japan Durability of hierarchical nanoporous layer glass in aging test
Thodoris Karapantsios, Greece Experimental study of heat transfer and bubble dynamics during flow boiling at porous – coated surfaces. The role of pressure fluctuations
Yordan G. Marinov, Bulgaria Characterization of Langmuir-Blodgett films of phospholipids by applying complex electrical impedance spectroscopy and by use of electrolyte drop interface
Zhengyuan Luo, China Dynamics of a droplet with nanoparticle-laden interface